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Hohner Blues Band Harmonica

Hohner Blues Band HarmonicaQuantity in Basket:none
Code: 1501

Hohner is the world's best harmonica line. The Hohner "Blues Band" harmonica is a good quality, very inexpensive instrument. It comes only in the key of C. The sound quality is nice, and will be fine for many applications. We recommend this harmonica for children and for beginners of any age. 10 holes. Plastic comb.

About Diatonic Harmonicas
The reeds of Diatonic Harmonicas produce the notes of the scale to which they are tuned. For example, a diatonic harmonica tuned to the key of C would produce the natural notes of the C scale without sharps and flats (picture the white keys on a piano, without the black keys). Each hole has two reeds; one plays when breath is exhaled (blow) and the other when inhaled (draw). The individual reeds are each tuned to play a different note on the scale.